Help Center
How do I get started with ksip?
Once you’ve downloaded ksip from the App Store, 
open the app and follow our simple instructions 
for creating your account. 📲
How do I post something on ksip?
To create a post, 👆tap on Add Post on the home screen. Now it's time to get creative – start typing to add text, use your camera for a selfie, or pick an image from your camera roll. 📸
How do I add a hashtag to my post?
For your hashtag to be detected, add it as a text overlay on your post or in a reply. ✍️
How do I create a group?
Go to your profile screen to create a group.
How do I find a location-based group?

If there’s a specific group that you’d like to join, find it in Search. You’ll be able to join once you’re close enough to it. 🌎

To find the groups nearby, head to the Map screen. Here you’ll see all the groups within range – go out and explore to discover more!

How do I add my friends?
Create a group, then hit Promote Group to send your friends the link. Once your secret squad is assembled 😜, tap Follow to connect with individual friends. 👯
How do I report an account?
Go to the profile you’d like to report, and tap on the flag icon in the top right corner. 🚨Alternatively, go to Settings and choose Assistance to report a user.
How do I block someone?
To block a user, tap the flag icon on their profile or post, then hit Block Person.
What happens when I block some user?
Blocking a user means that you'll no longer see each other's posts, and they won't be able to contact you. 🙅
How do I delete my account?
Sorry to hear you're leaving 😞 You can delete your account here: www.ksip.me/account/delete
How do I log out of ksip?
You have to create an account in order to log out. Once you’ve done this, go to Settings.
How do I use my account with another phone?
First up, make sure you've created an account using your current phone. Then download the app on your new phone, and go to Settings to log in using your username and password.
I forgot my password – how do I access my account?
There are two ways to turn off the header camera😎: Go to Settings in the app, tap Navigation Bar Camera and select ‘off’.
Go to settings on your phone, and disallow ksip from accessing your camera.
Is ksip free?
Yep, ksip is free for everyone! 🙌
How do I contact support ?
There are a few ways to get support or leave feedback:
1. Go to the Help Center on our website
2. Tap Assistance in Settings on the app
3. Contact our friendly support team at support@ksip.me